• Introducing the SparkFun ProtoScrewShield

  • Fun with Arduino Contest

    The ArduinoFun site is having a contest, and third prize is a WingShield Industries ScrewShield! Find out more here: http://arduinofun.com/blog/2009/11/01/fun-with-arduino-contest/
  • ScrewShields for sale at the Maker Shed

    We’re very proud to announce that you can now purchase ScrewShield kits at the Maker Shed.

  • Incoming ScrewShield parts

    Here’s an update for everyone who has asked when they can purchase ScrewShields: the shipment of parts we’re waiting on from China should be here in about three weeks. Once in, we’ll bag ’em like crazy and get them out to the online retailers. Thanks for your patience!

  • Arduino space cruiser

    Friend of WingShield Industries (FOWSI) and all-around awesome guy Collin Cunningham posted this photo of his ScrewShield mounted on an Arduino Mega. In doing so he has created an excellent looking space cruiser. Our own Tod Kurt says:

  • WSI at Maker Faire

    Here is a happy WingShield Industries customer in the Maker Shed at the Bay Area Maker Faire ’09. He was a good sport for letting me photograph him getting a ScrewShield to buy. (Based on the knowing look, I’d say he’s plotting something mischievous to build with all the new goodies.)

  • Fully automated assembly line

    WingShield Industries prides itself on its precision and efficiency. That’s why we have created the most up-to-date kit bagging assembly line in the Arduinoverse. Witness our factory floor:

  • Wires everywhere

    This project uses three Arduino boards and just as many sets of ScrewShields. It’s the Railographic Apparatus, or Rail-O-Graph, that Usman Muzaffar and I are creating to show at Maker Faire.

  • Power

    Here’s one use for a ScrewShield: add a thumb-destroying Molex connector!

  • First order is bagged and tagged

    The awesome dudes at the Maker Shed took a last-minute order (OK, way past the cutoff, actually) for a box of ScrewShield kits to sell in the Shed at Maker Faire. The kits are now bagged up, labeled and ready for shipping. Thanks Marc, Rob, and Dan!

  • Zillions of parts

    This is an impressive amount of terminal blocks and stacky headers!

  • ScrewShield PCBs are in

    We just got the PCBs for the ScrewShields in and they look bad to the bone. The logo design by Andrew H. Leman is spot on.

  • ScrewShield teaser photos