Fully automated assembly line

WingShield Industries prides itself on its precision and efficiency. That’s why we have created the most up-to-date kit bagging assembly line in the Arduinoverse. Witness our factory floor:

OK, it’s really just a row of parts and a few hours of mindless grab-n-bag. But we dream big.

4 Responses to “Fully automated assembly line”

  1. Alan Parekh says:

    LOL. Automation is great although this automation system may give you carpel tunnel. 🙂 The assembly technique using the putty (on the project page) is a great idea. I usually use some black tape but may try the putty idea next time.

  2. scienkoptic says:

    So how do we get our hands on some?

  3. admin says:

    scienkoptic, we shipped our first batch to MAKE for Maker Faire, and sold out. We’ll be shipping our next batch to MAKE, and you’ll be able to get it at http://makershed.com soon. We’ll also have links to suppliers on this web site soon!

    – Brian

  4. John Park says:

    Thanks Alan! If you try it, let me know how it goes for you. I’m planning to try Sculpey and a few other types to see if there’s an ultimate straight soldering solution.