ProtoScrewShield for Arduino



































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  1. […] Also, check out the build photos here on the product page. […]

  2. Federico Lucifredi says:

    The Sparkfun product page is missing a link to the assembly instructions here 🙂


  3. louis says:

    proto wingshield (adafruit part 196) parts and instruction differed. It was not
    hard to figure it out, but instructions (excellent photos, clear steps) did
    differ from parts and what one must do. For example, fortunately the two
    resistors were same size… so could not get them mixed up. Color LEDs
    was not clear, so chose what I wanted.

  4. John Park says:

    I think I don’t quite follow, very sorry. Is it that the Adafruit instructions have some ambiguity on the resistor and LED steps?

  5. Igor says:


    I am confused about how to put the switches in the correct positon.. do you have any detail on that?


  6. admin says:

    Hi Igor,

    Which shield is this, and who did you get it from?



  7. admin says:

    Igor, the switches should only snap in easily in one orientation. If you are having trouble, try rotating them 90 degrees and pushing them in again. So long as they snap in without your needing to press too hard, you don’t need to worry about orientation.

  8. howard says:

    what is the blue putty exactly?

  9. admin says:

    It’s Blu-Tack. Very handy material:

  10. Scott216 says:

    Is there a document showing the PCB lahout? I’d like to know which holes in the prototype area are connected together.

  11. Adrian says:

    Have just purchased one of your protoscrewshields via sparkfun distributor in UK. I too was searching for a layout diagram for the prototyping area, as the various interconnected holes across the prototype area is not at all clear. A .pdf drawing of this pcb would be a great help in planning a layout as one could print the .pdf and then draw / plan the best layout.
    Have tried looking at the schematics under engineering files on this site but don’t know what program to view them with.

  12. admin says:

    The protoscrewshields are a variation on our original design that may vary depending on whose variation it is. SparkFun’s product page has a lot of information in the comments and schematic):

  13. Ken says:

    Your screw shield has one major problem. The screw terminals are all connected to the Arduino pins. You need jumpers (i.e. the solder bridge type) so that it is easier to insert other electronics into the path. That is the purpose of the prototyping area. Argh! And when you do fix it, I want a single $1 for my design idea.

    I will have to cut PCB traces to make it useful.

  14. admin says:

    Ken, that’s because the original design of the ScrewShield was a WingShield without a prototyping area. The whole idea of the shield is a breakout for the Arduino pins:

    The protoshield variants were based on our original design, but we didn’t design them. I’d suggest you contact the maker of your protoshield with this suggestion, because I could see how it would be useful.

    – Brian

  15. Dan says:

    I agree with Ken about the need to be able to break connection between screw terminal and ardunio pins. Even a solder pad in the path would work so I can cut a trace and have a place to solder the inserted electronics to.

    The other Item that would be handy would be a silkscreen of white lines on all traces so that you could easily see where connections are being made and where traces could be cut if needed.

    I was very disappointed when I got the board and saw the solid connection from screw terminals and no easy way to break the connection and connect in new electronics. Actual a dumb design for a proto board.

  16. Eric Schaefer says:

    I got the Adafruit version of this and I love it. I wanted easy, solid, removable access to the Arduino pins so I can interface different external circuits with my Arduino at different times (one Arduino for multiple projects instead of buying a new Arduino for every new idea I want to try.) I may or may not use the prototyping area – but I chose this version over the ScrewShield with two separate wings simply for structural reasons. I was a little worried about applying leverage to the Arduino pin headers every time I screwed or unscrewed something, but with one solid piece all the way across I think it would be much, much harder to accidentally damage anything.

    Thanks for coming up with a brilliant idea, and thanks for keeping it open source so that clever variations like this one could be developed. Great work!

  17. admin says:

    Thanks, Eric!

  18. Terry says:

    Does anyone have the fritzing files for the Proto Screw Shield for Arduino?

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