Engineering Files

Here are the engineering drawings, CAD files, and other technical administrivia for WingShield Industries products.


SparkFun ProtoScrewShield


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Interested in manufacturing and selling a ScrewShield or ProtoScrewShield? We’d love to talk to you: wings @ wingshieldindustries . com

In keeping with the practices of the Open Source Hardware community, we request attribution on “clone” hardware or derivatives, and typically work with manufacturers to establish royalty or other terms if you’re planning to sell boards created with WingShield Industries’ designs.

One Response to “Engineering Files”

  1. Georgeisoff says:

    How you doing guys. Greetings from Texas.

    I was fooling around with the eagle files to make the ScrewShield suit what I am working on. I am new to Eagle, and I just have just one dumb question…

    How do you make the layout visible on “screshield-analog-vr1.brd” file?

    I tried with the “Show/Hide Layers” button but nothing happens.

    Thank you in advance to you response to my stupid question.

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